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Concrete breakwater for the greater tortue ahmeyim project for bp in Mauritania and Senegal

Concrete breakwater for the greater tortue ahmeyim project for bp in Mauritania and Senegal

Refs : MARCOM report of Working Group 28, 2003. Breakwaters with vertical and inclined concrete walls. PIANC


In 2017, BP started the tender for the GTA project (LNG export from Senegal
and Mauritania). EIFFAGE submitted a proposal with an alternative solution (composite
caissons breakwater) and developed a FEED from April to February 2019, in order to optimize
the proposed solution, prior to construction.
Remote location of the project (11km from the coast, and 220km from ports) leads to specific
challenges and design adjustments for the concrete caissons. Indeed, in-situ concreting was
proscribed and consequently, caisson roof needed to be installed at the prefabrication yard,
before filling operation of the caisson.
An innovative 10 lobed concrete caisson was developed to suit with Senegal facilities, weather
conditions, construction stages and allowing concrete volume saving.
The permanent presence of the LNG production vessel at the offshore port requires a special
consideration for the transmitted waves in case of extreme storms.
An intensive 2D and 3D physical models study, coupled with mooring studies and a slight
adjustment of the caisson design allowed confirming proposed design and optimizing the rocks
quantities and gradings to be produced in Mauritania.
All those optimizations were approved during the FEED stage of the project and resulted in a
significant saving for the project, prior to start the EPC contract early 2019.

KEYWORDS: Caissons, Breakwater, Offshore, Waves transmission

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